6 amazing facts that highlights how travelling open our world

The World Is A Book And Those Who Do Not travel Read Only One Page” – St. Augustine

Travelling opens up your mind and soul to wonderful new experiences. You get to crack open the shell of your own protected existence and step out into a whole new world that is rich with culture and beauty. It nurtures your soul and gives you a brand new perspective in life. It changes the way you see and perceive the world and gives you a taste of the range of diversity that exists in this world. Travelling is also the best teacher and effectively teaches you more than any college degree ever can. It is basically the best kind of education you can ever give yourself.

Here are the top 6 amazing ways in which travelling opens up your world:

  1. You Find Yourself When You Lose yourself:
    You step out of your comfort zone into an unfamiliar land with unknown people and learn how to navigate your way through it. It absolutely scares you, but at the same time when you manage it, the sense of achievement is unparalleled. Once, you’ve done this, you find your true self and are completely ready for every curve ball that life can throw at you.
  1. Experience Rich cultures:
    Travelling teaches you empathy, tolerance and acceptance. You get to see firsthand the various cultures of the world and you grow to love these experiences. From the busy streets of Tokyo to the serene calmness of the Himalayas to the quirky markets of Istanbul, everything has its own charm and you learn to savour each of these experiences.
  1. The Food:
    The delicious, scrumptious and mouth watering food of every region is more than enough reason to travel. Imagine the experience of eating out at a speciality restaurant in your area. Now, multiply that experience by a million. That is how yummy and flavourful the food around the world is. Savouring steamed momos with spicy sauce in Tibet or devouring the chilli crab in Singapore or just taking a bite of a freshly baked croissant in Paris are experiences you can never get without travelling.
  1. You Get To Live And Experience Life:
    You are stuck in a rut and just surviving in your day to day cycle. Travelling gives you a chance to escape that cycle, and soak in the beauty of the world. You haven’t really lived till you have travelled and seen the world.
  1. It Improves Your Mental And Physical Health:
    When you are stuck in the work-home-work cycle, it affects both your mental and physical health. Travelling every now and then frees your mind of stress and gives both your mind and body to recharge and recover from the daily grind.
  1. You Get To See Breathtaking Scenery:
    If there was ever a time to slow down and smell the flowers, it is when you travel. Instead of looking at the world on the screen, you get to see it through your very own eyes. You get to view unbelievable gorgeous locations that have the capability to halt time and steal your breath away.


  1. As it’s quite well said that “To Travel is to Evolve” because when you travel, with each step you have an opportunity to learn something new. You really get to live and experience life as you have to tackle each and every situation with your thought process. So, These points are actually the facts that highlight how travelling open our world..!!

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