9 amazing hacks you need to know that solo travelers follow

  1. Scan your passport, identity card and other documents: As a solo traveler, you should always scan your passport, identity card and other documents and send them to your mail.
  2. Roll your clothes: Rolling clothes give you more space to stuff in things. Folding clothes occupy a lot more space and are not the best option when traveling solo. As a solo traveler, you would want to carry fewer bags with you.
  3. Keep your Souvenir list ready: This will help you to make purchases as much as is needed. It will cut down unnecessary purchases.
  4. Carry important medicines: Always take general medicines for fever, diarrhea, cold and cough. Also, make sure to carry medicines for any allergies that you are prone to. In a foreign land, getting medicines is usually an issue.
  5. Book well in advance for good deals: Bookings in hotels or guest houses should be made in advance for you to get the best deals. You could check out the online websites to get discount coupons or a good deal from them.
  6. Unpack immediately after checking in: It helps you to understand the necessities to be carried while you are out and also reminds you of any perishables that you may want to refrigerate or consume.
  7. Learn the local language: Try and learn some important words in local language. Try and communicate in the local language to people and you will see the warmth and affection in them.
  8. Try local food: Rather than dining at national fast-food chains like McDonald’s, pizza hut, etc., you should enjoy the local taste. After all, food forms a vital part of the culture of any place so enjoy yourself to the fullest when traveling around.
  9. Keep a pen and a scribbling pad ready: Always keep a pen and pad ready for you to note down something you find interesting. It also helps you to note down the names of places or tourist spots that you have found to be a must-visit.


  1. well i faced many problems while communicating to the different language people ,it is very difficult to me learn new language But i can tell you ,in this case your smartphone work efficiently.

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