A well-planned vacation with your girlfriend: Tips for a safe journey

Vacations are thrilling and if it is with your charming girl it becomes even more exhilarating. May you go to enjoy the sensational breezes of the sea or want to do adventure in the arches of mountains; safety is the first thing to notice, yes of course even before enjoyment. Specially, when your girlfriend is with you her safety becomes your accountability, and then you have to be extra attentive. So, let’s ponder on some tips for a safe journey that you should consider to enjoy a secure vacation –

  • Read about your touring destination – Know your travel destination as much as you can before you visit there. It’s good to make out about the tourist points and about feeding and lodging too, but how can you forget to Google about hospitals, traveling options and important pack ups with you necessary if any? Getting friendly with your roam out will help you in planning a safe and of course an entertaining vacation.
  • Go for medical checkups- If you are planning to go to a hill station, and then first visit a doctor for your thorough health checkup to get aware if you have an altitude-related health concern. Avoid any higher altitude trip if you are a heart patient, suffering from a migraine or high blood pressure.
  • Make a checklist – Make a list of all the items you are supposed to carry along with you and pack your bag accordingly. Never forget to keep first aid box in your necessaries.
  • Assure your valuables – First; never carry valuables along with you and still if you do assure them safely. People take their smartphones, DSLR, passport, credit and debit cards, and even jewelry with them. I will suggest you never to keep all your eggs in one basket, keep at least two handbags along with you permanently and keep all such valuables in it; notably, they shouldn’t be left in any general luggage that has to be carried over a bus or on a plane.
  • Book in advance – Give a magnificent touch to your trip by booking an ornamental room in a hotel that suits your budget. You should also plan your day outs on your own in advance and reserve your travel agents too. Thus you can save you time and make the most of it as an awe-inspiring trip come date.

We wish you a harmless and adventures journey.


  1. Yeah , my girlfriend always medical checkup while going for any vacation.It is better to have a medical checkup in your hand.

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