Are you doing any of these? Stop now! 11 not to do things while travelling

Travelling is an art. It has to have the right planning and execution to avoid troubles. But talking about troubles, let us take away some heat off your head that way, well in advance.

Here is a guide through some attributes of what-not-to-do in certain countries:

Don’t be amazed by the slang

Some countries use weird slangs. Like in New Zealand, slippers are called jandals, in Boston, a liquor store is called Packie, and in Australia being busy is called flat out. Get used to them.

Understand the tipping system

Some countries like Canada, New York, etc. have strict tipping rule, a particular percent of the purchase made has to be given as TIP. While in Shanghai, you never tip. It is not there in the culture, they say.

Stop being a whiner

As a couple or a group make sure you have made up your minds for certain adjustments. Don’t complain. Understand and stay flexible to changes.

Nudity is a risky business, at times

Places like Norway and Spain are pretty cool about nudity. Spending some bare moments on the beach? Not an offense. In China, India, or Netherlands, expect to get many raised brows when you do-the-nude.

Keep the Homes Clean and Minds Cleaner

If traveling to Russian countries, then do make sure you don’t wear your outdoors shoes indoors. Covering them up is an idea. Also, don’t criticize anything that’s related to the Soviet Union.

Money, Matters

When you need cash in a foreign country, make it a point you don’t do it at the airport as they have sky high exchange rates.

Never Ignore Travel Insurance

Being a nomad you have to be always ready for unexpected events which may need expenses.

Public Transports Help You Save

Taxis or Cabs have an expensive side of fare as compared to public transports, anywhere in the world.

Cover Up

Travelling in North or East African regions? Make sure you are covered up with appropriate clothing. People judge you there.

Godly affairs

Don’t mess and invite trouble by mocking the Gods or Temples in the respective countries, especially in Asian Countries.

Don’t waste food

European countries DO NOT encourage food wastage.  Even the food regulations for quality are stricter here as compared to the other parts of the world.

Pack your bags along with these handy tips!

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