Hidden Gems You Need to Know about in Australia’s Gourmet Capital

Although the actual Aussie capital Canberra truly does have a menu that will dazzle all cultural, artistic, architectural, as well as gourmet tastes, this time, we’re focusing on the city that has deserved this unique throne with its unparalleled palatal pleasures: Melbourne! Famous for so many incredible experiences, Melbourne has become somewhat of a foodie mecca for people all over the world, all flocking to have a taste of the authentic
Aussie cuisine as well as the many mixed in tastes coming from various corners of the globe.

Before we embark on this tasty journey, bear in mind that it’s always best if you can immerse yourself into a city’s culinary scene by visiting the most precious spots beloved by locals, as opposed to the tourist-infused ones in the spotlight. Let’s see which ones deserve to fall into the former category and prep to pack your bags as soon as possible!

Hit the brunch scene

This little in-between munch has become quite a craze, especially among Aussies. Due to its overwhelming popularity, many restaurants and diners now have a dedicated brunch menu, one that is certainly worth checking out. We’re talking avo on toast mastered to perfection, and other healthy eats, which you can easily find in Legacy Camberwell – which may be labeled as a coffee shop but hides an exquisite menu on the side. Don’t underestimate their scrambled eggs, or their fruity balls, they will surely knock you off your feet!

Go for the perfect cup of joe

Yearning for a fresh cup of steaming java or a chocolate-infused mocha? Look no further than Melbourne’s finest coffee shops, seemingly humble, extremely polite and friendly, but with servings of the most spectacular sips you’ll ever taste. The Roller Door Café may look like something you’d merely pass by in the dazzling lights of the city, but for those who know, it’s the haven of organic blends. Make sure you note down the address correctly, otherwise you’ll most likely miss it!

Head into the vineyards

Wine aficionados who have traveled to the meadows of Italy, the valleys of France, or the peaks of Argentina know the value of an outstanding vintage. For the best of the best, it’s advisable to go to the source and locate the wineries that serve the dreamiest of bottles of grape-based bliss. One such spot is the exquisite Olivigna winery with a list of many locally produced wines coming from Yarra and King Valley, among others, and yet preserves an authentic Italian experience. Let’s stay it’s truly the best of both worlds packed in a single trip.

Search for laneways

What so many other cities may treat as a trivial portion of their concrete jungle, Melbourne has turned into an entire culture of eating out. The famous laneways scattered all over town are brimming with locally beloved restaurants, bars, and cafes, all of which hold up to their sizzling reputation. Take, for instance, the Hardware Lane, known for the delicious burgers as well as the jazzy music that further embellishes this truly intimate experience.

Satisfy your sweet tooth

We’ve all had our fair share of cravings in the mid-afternoon after a difficult day at work, or in your case perhaps, hours of non-stop sightseeing. However, in Melbourne, even finding a pancake parlor or a creamy cupcake turns into a feast. For a truly unique setting of sweets, the Bibelot store in South Melbourne is a dream-come-true for dessert lovers. Their selection of caramels alone (known as bonbons on their menu) is mouth-wateringly delicious, while you can also enjoy other delicacies which are practically irresistible.

To sum up, stepping away from the tourist-filled nooks will take you much deeper into the foodie labyrinth of wonderful tastes that Melbourne has to offer. It might take a bit of research and abandoning the known touristy corridors, but your experience will be all the richer thanks to the diversely delicious spirit of this culinary capital!

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