The Goods and Bads of Visiting The Petra

Visiting Jordan is incomplete without exploring the adventure that Petra has to offer. It is the most iconic place in Jordan. In fact Petra is a unique gem in the world. It has been rightly crowned as the UNESCO World Heritage site. Petra offers a mesmerizing view of its stunning landscape that is a must on any traveler’s bucket list.

Petra is home to the iconic Treasury, the most revered of all manmade landscape in any travel book about Petra. The iconic façade is featured in every travel shows in the media. Giving its well deserved popularity Petra deserves two days to be seen thoroughly. Petra is wonderfully brilliant at night so visiting Petra should be more than a day trip. Enjoy your best holiday in Petra by viewing most pleasurable tourist attractions in Petra.

All sites in Petra are within a walking distance. At first you might be overwhelmed by the majestic facades and the beautiful tombs. But racing from one site to another will leave you will feeling wonderful as you pack in everything in a short time. The grandeur of the monuments is larger than life and no number of photographs in travel books does any justice to the incredible talent of the Nabateans, the ancient Arabs who lived as Nomads in the desert of Petra many centuries ago. The sandstone carved façade of the The Treasury is spell binding as the sandstone changes color from orange to pink with the setting sun and to deep dray grey after sunset. This vast settlement is truly extraordinary. It alone is a jubilant enough reason to visit Petra.

A hike through the unmarked trial will take you to the Monastery which is 700 steps uphill. The climbing up top is so worth the effort because the view of the surrounding landscape is just stunning. The Monastery is a temple or tomb carved into the mountain summit.

Despite the tumultuous politics of the Middle East especially surrendering to the aftermath of 9/11, war in Iraq, now war in Syria, and the disaster of the Arab spring, Jordan remains a stable country and is haven for travelers. Despite the fall in tourism due to global recession, Petra is one of the most sites in the world.

Like all of Jordan, Petra offers a delectable cuisine of hummus, kibbeh, stuffed vine leaves, baba ganoush and taboule. And to compliment it all is the endless joy of mint tea and Arabian coffee. Finding affordable and comfortable accommodation in Petra is equally easy.

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