How Staying in a Homestay is a Wonderful Experience

If you are planning to visit Sakaleshapura to spend your holidays, homestays will be a better option than staying in hotels. A home stay in Sakaleshapura provides the same services as hotels but at lower prices. You may feel reluctant to opt for a homestay as you are habitual of staying in hotels and don’t feel comfortable with the host, but staying in a homestay in Sakaleshapura will be a wonderful experience.

Local flavours

If you compare the food of hotels and homestays, you will find that homestays offer you high-quality local food. The best advantage is that you can prepare food with your host. However, this opportunity is not available in hotels. You can also have made your meal as per your taste. For instance, if you don’t like too much spicy food you can ask your host to put a moderate amount of spices.

Recreational activities

Homestays also render lots of recreational activities, for example, carrom board, chess, volleyball, throw-ball campfire, rain dance, cricket, badminton, and the like. In addition to these recreational activities, homestays also provide you with a chance to go to tourist attractions such as Bisle Ghat and Mallalli Waterfalls.

You will learn about the local culture

What could be better than learning about a new culture? Staying in a homestay with hosts means learning new culture. You can spend some time with your hosts to understand about their local meals, local traditions, beliefs, festivals and rituals. You will not only spend holidays relaxing but improve your knowledge about the culture of local custom.

It will save your money

Homestays are better than hotels because it will not cause you a small fortune. You will get the same facilities as hotels but at much reasonable prices. You can save more if you take rooms on a sharing basis.

You will feel like being at home

If you choose a homestay over a hotel, you will not feel far from your home. Spending time with your host to understand the local culture of Sakaleshapura will give you an indelible experience. You will get a homely atmosphere that you can’t get in a hotel.

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