Must watch: 7 inspiring travel movies that will give you life goals

“Life on wheels”……is an adventures feeling to experience. If you are a travel maniac, then you must surely enjoy watching travel movies that will step up your way to do the same.

So, here is the list of 7 travel movies that will drag you crazy and will force you to pack your bag, to experience these in real-

  1. Wild – A tragic travel movie cast in 2014 under the directorship of Jean-Marc Vallee and acted by Reese Witherspoon and Michiel Huisman. The actress donned a pair of ill-fitting hiking boots and a huge backpack to trek 1,100 miles on the Pacific Crest trail after losing her mother.
  2. Tracks (2013) – Directed by John Curran and acted by Mia Wasikowska and Lily Pearl describes a young woman who traveled on 1,700 miles trek across the desert of West Australia with her 4 camels and a dog.
  3. Hit the road: India (2010) – Directed by Gor Baghdasaryan, Mushegh Baghdasaryan and acting was in the part of Richard Gazarian and Keith King. The crux line of the movie belongs to the two friends who participate in a 12day rickshaw rally that goes across India and covers up all the thrills in traveling wide.
  4. The way back (2010) – Casted in 2010 directed by Peter Weir and acted by Jim Sturgess, and Ed Harris. Siberian gulag escapees from prisons and travel 4,000 miles by foot to trek to freedom across the world’s most unpitying land from Siberia to India without knowing any co-traveler and in limited food.
  5. 180 degree South (2010) – Directed by Chris Malloy and acted by Yvon Chouinard and Acuna Ika. 180 degree South is a documentary movie picture Zed on the adventure of a group of friends that travel to Patagonia in the zeal of their heroism.
  6. One Week (2008) – Directed by Michel McGowan. Acting rolled in the terms of Joshua Jackson and Peter Spence, who covered the road trip across Canada by a motorcycle.
  7. The art of travel (2008) – Directed by Thomas Whelan and acted by Christopher Masterson travels alone for his honeymoon to Central America when he was cheated by his fiancée.

Hope you will enjoy these exciting travel movies after reading this blog.


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