Not To Do List: 10 Things People Should Stop Doing On Airplanes

You may have heard this dialog in Disney’s Aladdin about an “itty-bitty living space.” That is exactly what everyone sitting inside an airplane experiences not to mention the fact that they need to sit next to complete strangers. Furthermore, people do random things that drive others crazy, which they can very easily avoid doing. Here are a few of them.

  1. Last minute bathroom breaks

What were you doing all this time inside the airplane? Your bathroom break time was over hours ago. So, stop going on last minute bathroom breaks.

  1. Reclining your seats

Did you ever realize what it feels like to have someone recline their seat on your legs? Avoid doing that to someone else, who is seated behind you.

  1. Hanging around during the flight

Who would hang around during the course of the flight especially when the airplane is moving about in the air? Besides, it is not fair to trouble the flight attendants.

  1. Eating smelly foods

You might be used to doing this inside your house but the airplane is not your house! There are several people sitting inside and since the air keeps circulating within the airplane, almost everyone can smell your food.

  1. Using the tray table for other things

Hello! That tray table you are using to change your baby’s clothes is actually used by several people for eating food. You don’t want to be inconsiderate toward those sitting next to you or those that are going to sit in your place later on.

  1. Rushing toward the exit before landing

Are you one of those highly active passengers, who can’t wait to get to the exit even before the plane can finish landing? STOP right where you are! Even if you are a VIP, you need to be considerate of the others inside the airplane. Besides, you don’t want to have a ghastly accident just before the plane can land.

  1. Bringing a lot of hand baggage

That compartment meant for carrying hand baggage can only take so much as a few kilos and not more. So, don’t bring a lot of hand baggage expecting them to fit inside with ease.

  1. Talking with your headphones on

The rudest thing you can do on an airplane is talking to the air hostess with your headphones on. Enough said!

  1. Pressing the air hostess call button

That air hostess may be pretty but that is no reason to keep pestering her for every single thing! Plus, it is super rude.

  1. Walking barefoot to the washroom

This is not your lawn but an airplane. Nobody would like to smell your feet or you for that matter. So, stop walking barefoot to the bathroom.


  1. Yeah I like the last point ,Don”t walk barefoot to the washroom ,when you are in plane.Sometimes It create funny situation .So Don”t go barefoot to the bathroom in plane.

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