Tour Around Japan: 6 Must Visit Places in the ’Land of Rising Sun’

Although on the surface, travel seems to be merely visiting new places and giving a bit back, underneath it is much more; i.e. opening the horizons of the individual to experience new cultures, landscapes, etc. Today, millions of people travel within & across the borders and undergo a whole new experience. Travelling is an activity, which almost all the people love. While for some it is an opportunity to break the monotony of life and work, for others it might be a passion of life. People often keep saying it is important to travel. So what’s this fuss about? Well, the benefits of traveling are not limited to psychological gains but also improves health, language skills, broadens horizons and boosts confidence and many more.

While there are plenty of places across the globe which are worth visiting such as Singapore, Paris, Germany, etc. the most popular among them is an ‘island country,’ i.e. Japan.

Japan, the most popular travel destinations in the world, has a unique blend of modern and traditional culture. This country consists of several historical temples and monuments co-existing with modern architecture and technology. Japan is filled with attractive places to visit, including Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, castles, gardens, etc. Some of the must visit places among these are:

  1. Nezu museum (Tokyo) – Nezu museum exhibits antique art from East Asia countries and that of Japan. The Japanese garden on the grounds is a famous urban oasis that is great to walk around and enjoy the greenery.
  2. Himeji castle – Himeji Castle, also known as White Egret Castle is a castle that is designated to UNESCO World Heritage site.This castle has impressive interior as well as exterior design and is highly praised for its construction method.
  3. Kyoto – Of all the major places in Japan, the sacred city of Kyoto is a must visit place. This city consisting of iconic palaces, temples, shrines, bamboo forests and gardens are a treat to the eyes.
  4. Mt.Fuji – Also known as the paradise for adventure seekers, Mt.Fuji offers the most thrilling experience in Japan. Although the mountain climbing season starts from July and ends in September, you can witness the beauty of this place throughout the year.
  5. Hokkaido – This place is Popular for its hot springs, volcanoes, and ski areas. Because of its various attractions, Hokkaido is an impeccable place to visit in island country. Be it the beauty of the zoo or blue pond, you will be left mesmerised.
  6. Ishigaki – Voted as the trending travel spot, Ishigaki island is one amongst the best places in Japan. Despite its size, this place has no limits when it comes to providing unique experiences to the visitors and glamming up their vacation.

Remember, the list of places are not limited to the above-mentioned ones. These are just a glimpse of places. So, which one would you visit first? We are sure you that the technological magic of the island Nation would definitely conquer your heart. So, ensure you pack a few extra clothes in case you decide to extend your vacation in Japan!


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