Travel tips when going on a safari

When traveling, it is better to be safe than sorry. Besides we get the best experience when we are most prepared. Here are our most effective tips that will help you thrive in a safari without any mishaps.

• We prepared with travel insurance, which will cover you during medical illness, associated hospital treatments, emergency evacuation and more. Be sure to keep your policy number with you.
• It a matter of common sense wherein your personal safety is in your hands. So do without your expensive jewelry at the safari, better keep them at home.
• Do not display your cash, credit cards, passport, and other important travel documents. Keep them hidden from prying eyes either inside a pocket in the interior of your shirt. Also stow away from sight your camera or mobile phone and other expensive gadgets. Keep your eyes on your belongings if you are in a very crowded place such as on the street, airports, or markets.
• Do not walk alone at night. In fact, have someone to accompany you wherever you go.
• Do not carry a wad of cash. It is always safe to carry a combination of cash and credit cards, and if possible to carry more than one brand of a credit card as some may accept VISA whereas other MasterCard. However, most establishments will accept international credit card.
• It is a real danger to get dehydrated on a safari so please make sure to drink water regularly. Make sure to keep drinking water at hand. In case you cannot find bottled water for drinking purposes, use water purification tablets. The bottled water found at camps and lodges are usually safe for drinking. However, if you are still apprehensive about the quality of water do check in with organizers of the safari.


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