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Unload Your Travel Bag with the Unnecessary Extras of Your Necessary Stuff

Travelling is fun. It is supposed to be fun, yet things that make it a bit stressful though are… your things LITERALLY. Those things are your things — the things you pack, the things you bring, the things you carry with you. Sometimes, you may feel like bringing a lot just to be sure, just in case anything happens wherein you might need them.

It’s frustrating to think that you’ll be carrying several bags with too much stuff — making you look like you’re leaving home for good when the truth is you will only be spending a week in another country. The common reason why your travel bag gets extremely heavy and full to bursting is the thought that says “I’ll bring this, just in case…” You always feel the need to bring backups of everything. That’s good, but the tendency is you bring several extras of all.

There are many “extras” in your bag which, ideally, must be left at home rather than brought with as you travel. What are they?


Hygiene is very important. Wherever you go, you must be able to maintain a good hygiene. You possibly think of instances like in movies and survival variety shows wherein there isn’t enough supply of the hygienic materials needed or none at all, so you (who isn’t in a variety show) decide to bring extras of your soap, your toothbrush, your toothpaste, your towel. Those shows don’t exactly apply to you and your situation as someone not part of such.

Bringing toiletries and extras of them won’t help a lot since in the hotel where you’re staying in, there are soaps, toothbrushes and towels too. You can also easily access them even outside of hotels, like in convenience stores around.


It’s understandable if you’ll bring many clothes because you want to look very different in every photo of you, but make sure you can manage closing the zipper of your travel bag. Thick clothes include thick sweaters, pullovers and jackets. If you want to showcase your awesome outfit of the day, I believe you wouldn’t just want to always cover them under your jacket.

Also, denim clothes (including pants) are great but you know they’re inflexible. Unlike other fabric, they can’t be flattened as you want to, and they don’t adjust to the shape of the bag. Denim clothes can take up a lot of space since when folded, they become thicker!

If your clothes are think, you’ll be able to bring only a few, which is sadder.


There’s a need to bring different types of shoes, especially for women, because of certain activities and because of fashion. Speaking from personal experience, bringing extra extra (yes, more than one extra) shoes is helpful in a way that you have many choices far from home, but its cons include having too many shoe bags and trying to still squeeze some in your travel bag.


Because you’re off to travel, you surely will keep in mind that you must bring all your valuable gadgets so that you can take photos, pose, edit them, make your vlogs, post and a lot more during your free time in the hotel room. HAH!

If you have 5 cameras, you don’t need to bring them all; just choose at least the 2 best of them. The features of all of them can’t be merged into one camera, so just accept that you have to choose, and make the most out of only two. There’s no need to bring an extra phone if there’s nowhere necessary to use it! Don’t bring too many extra batteries; bring your charger. If bringing a laptop is just an option you can turn down, then leave it at home. Although it is flat, it still occupies a large space in you travel bag. It might also be squashed while inside, so it’s better not to bring it. Cameras, especially SLR and DSLR, are bulky too. It’s the same case even if you say that they have their own camera bags; that actually makes them even bulkier since you have to put them inside a bag or carry it on your body.

Aside from they consume a lot of space, they are also prone to getting misplaced and lost.


Well, not everyone brings pillows and stuffed toys as they travel somewhere, but many do. They do so because they want to be comfortable during the time of their travel, or they can’t sleep without that pillow.

If you’ll look at it, you’ll only be able to use them during your flight or travel to the destination, but not while travelling within that destination. Of course, sleeping isn’t a thing you do if you want to definitely enjoy your vacation in a certain place. You keep yourself wide awake so as not to miss any time and view in the place. Stuffed toys and pillows are irrelevant in such situations. You could bring a pillow that isn’t too big if you really want to, but again, there’s no need to bring extras of it, especially because hotels have pillows and comfortable beddings you wouldn’t want to get up from.


Something truly not necessary anymore to put in your bag before you travel is another set of bags. You might think of bringing three different bags of different sizes and colors just because you want to display them, because you want to show them off through your photos or just because you’re not sure which one you’ll be needing. Any one of those reasons leading you to bring more than one bag as you travel is not a good idea, most especially if you’re trying to minimize the amount of belongings to take with you.

Make a final decision of which bag to bring. If you’re thinking about fashion, take into consideration its color — if it matches all your possibles outfits there. It’s alright to use just one bag for all clothes combinations. If you’re thinking of convenience and space, look at its size, and think of how many things you’re bringing in your personal bag (backpack, sling bag, handbag, etc) — the one that clings on you as you stroll around the place.

Packing for your trip is not easy, but you can make it less hard by unloading your travel bag with the unnecessary extras of your necessary stuff. Surely, with a favorable weight of your “can-be-easily-closed” travel bag, you can have a better and less stressful travel experience all throughout your trip.


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta, a five-star hotel in located in Parramatta, New South Wales (Australia). For Nicole, the beauty of this world is just breathtaking, astounding and something worth-sharing. Because of the course she took up in college, she has become interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. She is into events hosting and voice over acting and hosting. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts . “To God be all the glory”

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