Venice- A dream destination for travelers

A visit to Venice is of course a dream to all and this holiday can become a lifetime memory for the travelers. It can be rightly called as a wonderland that can convert a mere trip to a memorable and enchanting experience. Venice, popularly known as the ‘city of canals’ is the most romantic dream destination for travelers all around the globe. The city is situated in the North Eastern part of Italy and it comprises of 117 small islands situated along the Adriatic Sea. The classical Venetian boar also known as Gondola is the prime attraction for the travelers. People planning to visit Venice can soothing climatic condition and catch a glimpse of the lush surroundings of the place that includes islands, bridges and also enjoy shopping. The trip can delight the travelers a lot and help in a refreshing and rejuvenate their mind.

The Italian city has also rich cultural heritage in music and entertainment. Hence the city’s night life is a prominent one among the different cities of Italy. The city of Venice hosts many cultural festivals out of which most famous one being the “Carnival of Venice”. St. Mark’s Square-is is the heart of the city because of its picturesque location on the banks of the grand canal, and because of the great number of beautiful, historical monuments located there.

The historic city centre of Venice is completely free from motor vehicles and travellers can opt to get around in style in a gondola ride through narrow canals under picturesque bridges. This traditional form of transport is not only cost-savvy but does allow travellers to really soak up the essence of Venice – particularly if the gondolier serenades passengers during the journey. A sense of the long and dramatic history of Venice can further be gained by a visit to city’s many museums.

Venice has numerous stunning locations for visitors to explore, with some offering bests shopping experience, some serving delicious cuisines, and some providing picturesque views. Taking a ride on a gondola along the Grand Canal can be a romantic affair for the newlyweds. You can also take off the beaten tracks trips to less frequented canals so that you get to see different facets of Venice.

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