Why Choose a Home Stay in Karnataka Over a Hotel

Where would you like to stay if you go on a tour – a homestay or hotel? Needless to say, you’ll choose a homestay. The reason is apparent, homestays are cheaper than hotels, and above all, they give home-like comfort that you more often than not look for. However, there are other reasons as well why most of the tourists prefer homestays.

You can Explore Well

Travelling is not only for fun but to explore a place. During a stay in a cottage, you can connect with local residents and guide who will tell you about the place. Although you might find lots of information on the internet, it’s generally not unique because most websites copy and paste information from each other. You won’t find on sites what local residents can tell you. They can update you about the essence of anything for what the place is known for.

Local Flavours

Another reason of favouring a home stay in Karnataka is local cuisines. Menus at homestays are usually local unless you demand something special. India is rich in cuisine heritage, and gourmets love this about India. If you’re a bon vivant, you will love local flavours of Karnataka. You can appease your tastebuds without shelling out money.

More Tranquility

Homestays are the best option if you are travelling to stay away from noise and clutter of cities. In comparison with hotels, hardly 10 to 15 people stay in homestays; that means no noise and commotion. You won’t need to wait for long at meal table for a waiter to take your order and serve you food. You can enjoy your food in a peaceful environment. You can spend quality time with your family and friends. You can also roam around the nearby places to explore them.

Lower Cost

The most imperative reason of opting for home stay in karnataka is lower cost. You will get quality food at reasonable prices. You can also afford excursions, trekking and exploring other things of the place.

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